Pirate Perks

Each and every one of ye registered bilge-sucking scoundrels will receive FREE camping privileges, ID badge, map, FREE HPA fills fer the duration of the game. Ye'll also be havin' FREE firewood. Along with this, ye be invited to our FREE Friday night cookout. Ye'll also be able to participate in the Pirates' Prep School, Costume Contest, and Trivia Contest. Finally, there be treasures abound just waiting fer you on and off the field. Will yer name be selected fer one of the treasures that Joe has in his shop during one of the doorprize drawings? Or will ye dig up a bag of paint, paintball gear, gold doubloons, jewels, or something even more valuable on the field?  There be only one way to find out. Come and go on the account with us. Register today!


Pirate’s Plunder Early Sign Up Bonuses

*Sign up now through 06/30/18—Get $40 Entry ($20 savings) and $5 off each case of prepaid paint

*Sign up by 09/15/18 —get $50 entry ($10 savings)  and $5 off each case of prepaid paint