Pirates' Plunder Pictures


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Below are some vintage pics

The crew of the Bloody Splinter be a motley bunch of Scallywags!!  Arrrggg!!!

 Captain Ted gives a talk to his simpler Privateers. "This... be a sword."   The Joe keeps a close watch on all his plunder.

Here ye see one wench modeling a Pirate Tee and at Pirates' Plunder ye will see wenches everywhere

Wenches and bloodthirsty pirates be seen all over the battlefields.

This wench was obviously a tourist!

Dis wench be serving grub to all the Sea Loving Pirates throughout the weekend

Pirate Captains and land-lubbin' refs (scurvy devils) be found all over.

Where be Leonardo DiCapprio when Cap'n Joe be needin' him?

Captain Ted discovered a traitor amongst his men...

and promptly sent 'im to Davey Jones Locker!

A Pirate defends the dock against de ole Bloody Splinter, while the Jolly Roger oversees the battle.

Cap'n Joe christens the Bloody Splinter.

One year later, she be sportin' a full crew of scurvy pirates and other nefarious ne'er-do-wells.

These pirates be holdin' off the Bloody Splinter, while Charlie and Aaron prepare to launch the dinghy.

Julius attempts a strategical move on the ole Bloody Splinter,  was promptly sunk.

Pirate protects the rear..... of the Bloody Splinter, AARRRGGGG!!!

He be goin to Davey Jones Locker!! (I be havin' dibs on his paint.)

"Aaaarrrr, do ye know where the Poop Deck be?"

Holy crap!!  That thar is a big ship!!

Never judge a pirate ship by its size, Mateys! Aaarrrr!

Pirates don't stop to chat!!!!  Start pillaging and plundering, ye mangy mutts!!

"I seem to have pillaged a video camera......Aarrr YES!!!"

Ye Ole Bloody Splinter awaits her next battle.

"So I waited 'til he turned his back, and I stole the scurvy dog's Wench......Pirate!"

Mask $45, scarf $5, skeleton face $10, losing yer map on the back of yer head.....priceless

Aaar, I see ye!

The dock watchman prepares to alert the town of a Pirate attack.

The bloodthirsty Pirate captain defeats her worthy opponent  at ye ole Pirates Dice.

"I swear, we are almost to the treasure, just keep running!"

Ye know, Mike,  we could be plunderin'...

Don't ye ask how he lost that eye!!

Peek a boo, I see you.

"I hear the ship a comin', it's sailin 'round the bend,
and I ain't seen the Wenches, since I don't know when,
I'm stuck in Bloody Splinter, and time keeps draggin by.
when those Wenches keep a leavin, I hang my head and cry."
The Pirate in Black

Previous year pictures