Monte Cassino Pictures


The Joe gives the morning safety speech.

Watch out for the guy in front of the sign, he is a mad killer!

A Medic trades his bandages for a gun while this dead man walks.

Bring on the Allies, we fear no one!

General Ted organizes his troops in the morning meeting

The troops march toward the drop ships.

PB2G Refs prep the drop ships for the beach landing.

The gates drop and the slaughter begins.

This ally drops and crawls to avoid being blasted at the beach.

The reinsertion comes out strong.

The Allies push forward toward the flag.

Sighting in on an Axis Soldier

Look it is Chewbacca, where's my pen I want an autograph.

The Axis Soldiers retreat to the trees

General Ted barks orders to his troops.

A group of Allies prepares for more Axis advances

He went that way, I just know it.

The Axis troops get their strategy from their General

Caught in a fire fight with the Allies.

A group of soldiers prepare to defend the Abby.

Holding back an attack.

One of the many tanks patrols the area.

Searching for targets

Sniper and Spotter.

Long hard road out of hell.

Hey guys, let's make S'mores!!!

I think I see something, nevermind it's just a clown.

"Here I come to save the day!!"

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