By March 31st registration         $40  

After March 31st registration      $50

At the Event                                $60


Paint will be $55 (including tax) a case if  you pre-pay by March 24th.

Paint will be $60 (including tax) case at the event.

This pricing is for standard paint.  We will be offering premium paint for $8 a case more.  We recommend that you prepay for paint if you want to upgrade to premium.  We pre-order the amount of premium based on what is prepaid for.  We plan to have Valken Field/Infiniti as the standard paint and Valken Graffiti as the premium paint. 

HPA and CO2

HPA is still free with registration.  There will be 3000 and 4500 psi fills available in the shop as well as several locations on the fields. Rental HPA tanks are available.

CO2  - Charge per fill.  Only available in shop.   



    There are many advantages to signing up early! 

Rental equipment available (Limited amount--1st come, 1st serve)

Gun, hopper, mask, HPA tank, all day air    


Gun only       $ 5  
Mask only  $ 4  
HPA tank     $ 6  

You can also call 217-370-6071 OR 217-370-9121 to register. We take Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal.