***Please note that PaintballToGo fields no longer considers a barrel plug adequate.  All barrels must be blocked with a barrel wrap***

Basic rules: eliminations and surrender  

Referees will be wearing YELLOW.

Camera people will be wearing ORANGE

In order to prevent confusion players cannot wear Yellow or Orange.


1. A player hit on the head and torso area, either on the front or back, is considered eliminated.
2. Players hit on the gun; arms, legs and gear are considered wounded. They are not allowed to move or shoot their markers. They can only yell for a medic. They will have approximately 1 minute for a medic to reach them. Once a medic has reached them the medic must apply a bandage on the injured player. Once this is done the player may resume playing. If no medic shows within that time the player is eliminated.
3. Players that are wounded are still targets. They may be shot while they are yelling for a medic. Wounded players may surrender but this is up to them.
4. To acquire surrender, you must ask the enemy to “surrender”. They can either reply “yes I surrender” or react by turning and shooting you. Be advised barrel tags do not work in this series and if you attempt this do not get mad if the enemy turns on you and shoots you.
5. Eliminated players are not allowed to tell other players information pertaining to the game. This means no talking to players or using radios.



1. The medic bag they are issued and a medic armband identify medics. When you hear a player yell for “medic” the medic has one minute to get to that player and  bandage  them. Bandages will be hole punches in the players chrony card. Hole punchers will be supplied at the beginning of the game and further medical supplies will be issued later on. Players can only resume "play" and shoot, once the bandage is “applied"  Medics are not immune to hits. Only a medic can heal another medic. Medics may not switch jobs unless the two parties tell the event organizer, Due to prize drawing information at the end of the series.
2. Eliminated players must go back to a designated dead zone.



Boundary lines


1. Each team will have a neutral starting area where their players can start. This is to make sure they get a clean start and not get hit instantly. The generals use this area to secure props and do their own paperwork etc. messages on missions will go to this base. This area will be marked with a 100-foot perimeter. Enemy players are not allowed in this area.
2. There will be no camping in the dead zones. This means only dead players are allowed in this area. Players caught hiding here and shooting players from this area will be ejected out of the game.
3. Dead zones will be determined at each event so these will vary per game. Players that are re-inserting must have their barrel cover on and be walking together going to the re-insertion point “neutral headquarters”.
4. Players need to yield to tanks if you are on a road. Roads are for tank and vehicle transport so get out of their way ASAP.
5. Boundaries set up to keep players out for their own safety, around thorns etc. must be in yellow or orange. If there is a trouble spot on the field let the players and refs know.



1. Missions will be given “on average” every half hour. There will be 2 types of missions. Primary and secondary. Primary missions will take up to 1 hour to complete. Secondary missions will only take half an hour. The mission clock starts after the general reads the mission given to him by mission ref. Primary missions will always be chosen by the generals at the beginning of the hour and called in by a field phone. Secondary missions will be radioed or hand delivered by a mission ref.
2. Generals will also be handed a mission statement. This statement is what the general and his team are expected to do on their own. These are the primary missions that they will carry out on their own.
3. All primary missions will have a flagpole. You must raise your team’s flag and hold that area until the specified time is over.



1. Props will be out on the field. A tag saying what they are marks these. If marked red this means only red players may touch it. If marked blue, only blue players may touch it. If marked with red and blue both teams may use it. Players are not allowed to touch, hide or move enemy’s props. They may however trap the area or set up ambushes around the item.
2. If you find a prop you must bring it back to your generals headquarters. This will insure your team gets the points for it.
3. No fireworks allowed unless the field and event organizer approves it. This includes smoke grenades as well.


Radios, and other forms of communication.


1. On FRS radios, fields and referees will always be on channel 1. Players are not allowed to use the channel unless it is an emergency.
2. No jamming of the radio frequencies. If players are caught doing this they will be ejected from the game.
3. Players may snoop on the enemies channels but do not interfere with them.
4. The generals will be given the frequencies they can use. Each general will be issued a secret channel directly to the event organizer. This channel will be used to send classified info back to the generals.


Additional PaintballToGo Rules and notes

  1. The most important rule on this field is “NEVER TAKE YOUR GOGGLES OFF IN ANY GOGGLE REQUIRED AREA.”  Not for any reason!  Not for a lost contact. Not for a paint covered lens.  Not for fogging.  Not even if you’re not playing.  Not for any reason!  If a paintball hits you in the eye, your eye will be gone!  You will go through life blind!  Once marked, do not remove your goggles!  If you remove your goggles in a goggle required area, you will be asked to go home.


  1. The second most important rule is ALWAYS have your barrel wrap in place when you leave the field of play and the target range.  You will be asked to go home if you violate this rule!  This means that if your marker needs repairs that require the barrel and/or barrel wrap to be off the marker you must go to the target range unless you are in the field of play.  There are not exceptions to this rule.


  1. Do not disconnect tanks from your marker without looking. Watch the pin valve to make sure it is not disengaging from the tank.  All players with rental markers must let the field staff remove the air tanks.


  1. Every player and spectator must have a current waiver.  Players under the age of 18 must have a parental signed waiver.  


  1. If you are out of shape or get too hot, pace yourself.  Take up a defensive position and rest.  The action will come to you.  The game can be more physically demanding than you are used to.  If you have any heart conditions or other ailments, you should have your physician’s OK to play.


  1. If you have a temper, please leave it at home.  You may not contact or grab a person in an aggressive manner. No unsportsmanlike conduct, arguments, threats, racial or personal derogatories, abusive or foul language, taunting of another player, provoking or obscene gestures, or verbal aggression is allowed.

    7.   Free camping is available to pre-registered players both Friday and Saturday night.  There will be designated areas for fires.  Firewood will be provided until it runs out.


8.      Concessions will be available.  There will be a FREE cookout Friday night from 5-6:00 p.m. 


9.    Field Event paint only.  If caught using different paint you will be asked to leave.

  10.    Cheating will not be tolerated.  Referees will be watching for cheaters.  If you suspect someone of cheating inform a referee.  If you are caught cheating Joe reserves the right to eject you from the game.


11.    Colored hopper covers will distinguish team members of opposing teams.  Removing or switching colors will be considered as cheating.


12.    The provided ID tags must be worn at all times.  


13.    Maximum velocity for day games shall not exceed 280 fps.  All players must chronograph under referee supervision on the beginning of each play day.  Referees will also spot check during play.  Players will be expected to use the chronograph themselves as well to check the velocity of their marker throughout the day.


14.    Players are eliminated in the following situations: a referee calls the player eliminated, the player calls himself “out” or “hit”, the player is marked with a paintball on his person or equipment, the player moves beyond the boundary line, player is marked by even one speck from a grenade.


15.    No talking to other players once you have been marked or eliminated.


16.    If a player is 15 feet or less away from you, please, if possible, give them the option to surrender before you shoot.  However, they do not have to surrender. Be prepared to shoot.  If you surrender say “hit” or “out.”  


17.    After elimination players must put on their barrel wrap as soon as possible, raise their marker in the air and walk back to their reinsertion point.  


18.    Paint checks are allowed but do not abuse them.  If a referee is not available a team member may perform the paint check.   The player in question may not continue playing during a paint check.


19.    Referees decisions are final.  No exceptions.  If you have a problem with a call, do not argue with the referee.  Report any grievances to the field owner, Joe Schnelten or to Bill Bailey.


20.    Several missions will take place throughout the event allowing both teams to earn points.  The number of points each team has at the end of the event will determine who wins.  Types of missions may include defend, attack, patrol, demolition, repair, ambush, snipe, retrieve, and special missions.


21.    Some special roles include the following:

Medics are able to heal players on the field during day games.  They must reach the player within one minute and wipe the paint from the player.  The player is then a live player.  Head shots are not able to be healed.  

A Sniper is responsible for completing special duties given by the General.

A Demolitions Expert is responsible for destroying certain structures during missions.

Engineers are responsible for rebuilding blown structures.


22.    All equipment is subject to inspection by the Paintballtogo staff.  We have the right to disallow the use of any equipment.  Sixty Eight caliber markers are allowed.  Semi-auto mode only.  Response triggers are allowed at this time; though use may be restricted if continued overshooting occurs.  Unaltered, ASTM approved goggles only. Barrel wraps are required.  CO2 and HPA tanks must meet DOT hydrostat requirements.  Test dates must be current:  3 years from date unless otherwise noted.  Test date must be visible, remove any sticker or covers before getting filled.  Any grenades, land mines, mortars, ect… must be approved by our staff before its use.  There will be grenades available for day games at our shop that meet the standards.  


23.    Tanks must stay on designated tank roads.  All tank roads are one way only.  Players and other tanks are not allowed within 15 feet of a tank.  Violators will be eliminated.  An eliminated tank will signify such with a white flag.  Tanks will be marked with their team colors visible on the front driver’s side corner and the back right corner. Maximum tank speed is 5 mph.  Tanks must have brakes in good working condition.  ASTM approved goggles must be worn by all players inside the tank.  If you are bringing a tank, see field owner for further tank specifications and approval, we are very selective on which tanks we allow. 


24.    Ways to eliminate a tank:  Heavy tanks (vehicle based) can only be taken out by bazooka/anti-tank weapons and anti-tank mines.  
    Weapons system used against tanks must be manufactured  by a company. No homemade cannons will be allowed. There will be limits set for the amount of anti-tank players (bazooka men). < Manufactured anti-tank weapons that look like old and current issue will be allowed. We are not trying to deny new product lines the ability to be used in our series; we at least want them to look the part. They must however be able to leave a distinguishable mark on the new target system and a limit on the rounds must be honored.
Bazookas built out of paintball guns must be close to scale and appear to be of that era or time frame. Average 37 inches-6 feet long. They must be painted so that the white PVC does not show.

If you have any questions on anti-tank weapons and if yours will be allowed please contact the coordinator of the Tour of Duty series,  Bill Bailey at He has final say on what will be allowed. 

Grenades have no effect on a tank.


25.    Tanks may use semi-auto paintball markers to take out troops.    If a tank blows up a bunker all players occupying the bunker are then eliminated.  Live players may immediately use the bunker.


26.    Mortars can be used to take out troops.  They must be shot at a 45 degree angle or greater.  They must not load more than 30 paintballs at one time.  Must have a blocking device for safety.  See staff for approval.