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With all of the framing up it was time to start the concrete.  We were lucky enough the get all the help that was needed to get the job done right and without killing ourselves.  We would like to thank everyone that help on concrete weekend!  The pour took 63 cubic yards of concrete(8 1/2 truckloads) to complete.  It was a long day.  We started about 6:30am. It made it even worse that Joe, Big Joe, John,  and Rick did not finish the prep work until 3:00 am the same morning. You should have seen the look on our faces when the first truck was 20 minutes early and only Joe, Big Joe, Jilg, and Rick where here.  It is a good thing that more help showed up at 7:00am for the next truck.  Here are some of the pics from that day.



Is that the Village People?  Y.M.C.A!!!!!

Rick and Joe take a minute to look like the actually were doing something.  We even rolled in dirt to get our clothes dirty.


Look at that great floor.  This shoot was taken the day after the pour while we started on the wiring.


Close up!

We don't care how cute you are....get to work!!!!!!

Next up....The metal installation!