Finally we are able to show you what we have been up to with the future home for PAINTBALLTOGO.COM.

We could have put pics up earlier, but we are building this thing ourselves.


This is what we had to start out with.  Can you believe that this pile of building will soon be done.  When complete it will  be just under 3000 square feet of paintball paradise. In addition to our warehouse that contains our ever growing inventory,  the complex will be home to our new retail shop and service center.  It will also be the starting point of many great paintball adventures this spring when we open up our new public fields.  Of course we will carry everything that a paintball fanatic will need to play as well as a full service concession area. 


Rick, John and Joe get ready to tear stuff up in the backhoe!

The First scoop!

See what happens when they let us use heavy equipment.  Actually we needed to take out the "bad" dirt so that when we poured the concrete it had a good solid foundation.  We had to remove about 300 ton of dirt..

Joe moving dirt


Here are some pics of Rick and Joe putting in "good" dirt for the building.  To kill to birds with one tractor we took the dirt from the future site of "The Pit".  We moved 549 tons of dirt with the Truck you see below.  We want to thank Pat for letting us use his truck.  We would not have been able to do what we did without out it.  Especially after we killed the one ton. OOPS


Can we have a moment of silence for the dead one ton?


Joe and Rick's work on "The Pit".   It is about 1/3 complete now.

We even work all night.

This is a pic of what we call "the perfect corner.  Joe dug it out and did not even touch the stake.  After as much digging as we had to do we should be getting good.