***These pics on this page are several years old, Back when PaintballToGo was still operating out of Missouri.  They are taken at the future home of PaintballToGo Inc. The old family farm in Roodhouse, Illinois***

Afraid we don't have many action shots this time around, had a hard time getting people to volunteer to get out on the field with the camera!  Something about getting shot last time...



    Here's big Joe he's the guy that lets us play out at his farm.  We wouldn't have near as much fun without his support.  (Plus he's a good target ;)   Thanks Dad!








  Yellow team rocks!  Where did the red team go?






   Me and Pruit in a deep conversation.  I'm on the left with my Rainmaker, I love that gun!  (Note that the barrel plug is in the barrel!)






   Hey Rob!












   These guys took the safety lecture to heart!





  The day after.  Go away, wake me up at noon, maybe.