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CLICK HERE to see pictures of the pirate ship that we built for the fields.  Some years we also offer a  pirate scenario game called Pirates' Plunder. 


Here as some vintage PaintballToGo pics below:

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Pro-shop pictures

September 12 2004 Tournament

Old pics:          

Here is a group shot from an old PAINTBALLTOGO.COM outing before all the fields were built.  Even though only about half of the people that played that day are in the pic you can see that we have a wide range of player.  We are all different types of players, but we all love to play.  






Here are two of our PAINTBALLTOGO girls.  Don't let the smiles fool ya,  these girls know how to play!  They also play an important role in making sure you get the stuff you need to play the game.  

Thanks Girls


Another shot of the girls with another team mate.  We hope she doesn't go postal! (sorry inside joke)


I love this pic!  Looks like Joe has to clean his mask again, but that is much better than losing an eye.  This is exactly why YOU ALWAYS WEAR THE PROPER SAFETY EQUIPMENT AT ALL TIMES.  



Here Allan moves up the field before a game.  He is our most experienced player.  He has been playing longer than some of our younger players have been born!  He plays all over the country and knows his safety too.  Notice mask on barrel plug in and hand off trigger!


The next few shots show how easy some people can hide.  can you find them all?


Joe on the Hunt!  



It was about time someone got Brian.  He killed more people than small pox that day.  Just ask Jessie about it!


Check her out!  She is stalking Mike.  She waited patiently for the big guy.  Here Mickey Mikey Mickey lol.

No trick photography here....she is still waiting. 


CONSTRUCTION PICS from when we built the paintball shop in 2001!



   More Construction Pics:

 Phase 1: Dirt Work

     Phase 2: Frame Work

    Phase 3: Concrete Work

    Phase 4: Metal installation